UAARC – A Facebook Group Fighting Against Religious Hatred

Internet has become an excellent platform to practice our freedom of speech. However, there are a few users who have decided to misuse social media platforms to spread venomous hatred against other religions and faith. The healthy atmosphere of the global social media communities is being affected by such hate-mongers.

To counter this, Saleem Choudhary and Tahir Kassana, two youngsters from Jammu and Kashmir have started a campaign to counter online hate speech, particularly those related to spreading hatred among religions.

United Against Anti-Religious Content (UAARC) is the counter campaign started by engineer Saleem Choudhary and Tahir Kassana to put an end to anti-religious hate on social media platforms, mainly on Twitter and Facebook. After successfully expanding the group to include 20,000+ members, the duo have decided to take their fight to the next level.

Apart from actively reporting to block the profiles of persons and pages / groups that spread hate online, the two have started taking legal action by lodging complaints against the hate perpetrators with the relevant Cyber Crime divisions as well as Ministry of Home Affairs and have enjoyed extremely successful results till date.

Thanks to the efforts of Saleem Choudhary and Tahir Kassana as well as the thousands of members of the UAARC, today Facebook and Instagram have suspended or deleted 300+ accounts, profiles, pages and groups in just last 30 days.

The fight against online hatred continues daily, and if you too wish to become a part of it and contribute to erase the online hate-mongering by joining “United Against Anti-Religious Content” Facebook group by clicking below link.


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