Nationwide Alarm Raised as Hacker Group Orchestrates a ‘Cyber Party’ with Intentions to Target India’s Crucial Digital Infrastructure

A nationwide alert has been issued as one of the largest hacker groups declares an imminent cyberattack on Indian websites and critical infrastructure. The severity of the situation is highlighted by the active involvement of ministries and departments in enhancing their cybersecurity measures to prevent unauthorized access.

They have received instructions to follow Cyber Hygiene Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) diligently and carry out necessary tasks to protect data from potential hacking or breaches. Central agencies are particularly watchful, anticipating the health sector’s cyber infrastructure as a potential primary target. This heightened concern is linked to the sector remaining under the scrutiny of such hacker groups, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

The agencies have proactively alerted relevant ministries and departments, urging them to carry out tasks that will thwart any attempts at unauthorized access. Adding complexity to the situation, hacker groups from Pakistan and Indonesia, notorious for their cyber threats, have announced a ‘Cyber Party’ on December 11. This announcement was made on their Telegram channel, where they proudly claim a membership of over 4,000 individuals.

The same group boasts of leaking data from Swedish social media users, acquiring health and social media data from Israel, and even claiming responsibility for leaking data from a police department in New York, USA.

This alarming pattern underscores the need for comprehensive and robust cybersecurity measures not only in India but globally. Officials who are aware of the alert and threat emphasize that the evolving landscape of cyber threats poses a significant challenge to the security of digital infrastructure. The coordinated efforts of hacker groups, their bold claims, and the potential implications for nations worldwide call for a proactive and collaborative approach to strengthen cybersecurity frameworks and respond effectively to emerging threats.

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